Logo of SJUP

How SJUP came to be

SJUP founders, Kappie and Malcolm, both have a strong passion for travel and the hospitality industry. It’s through their own travels and interactions with guests at their establishments that they realised what the ingredients are of an unforgettable trip. If an air ticket and a bed is the bread and butter of travel. Then the unique experiences are the delicious toppings that sets a trip apart. Traveling is about experiencing things you thought you never would. It’s about experiencing different cultures and making unforgettable memories.

It’s easy to find a city experience online. Those off-the-beaten-track, unique experiences that Kappie and Malcolm’s guests were looking for, are hard to find. During their own travels in the country-side they found that memorable experiences were almost impossible to find. Surely there had to be a better way for more travellers to be shown the true splendour and joy of their local community, the Namaqualand, like only locals can... So SJUP was born.

Their aim with SJUP is to create a proudly African travel marketplace.. The platform is geared at creating sustainable jobs and impacting local communities.. While allowing visitors a glimpse of the true Africa and its people.

Picture of SJUP founders, Kappie and Malcolm
Picture of a man making a SJUP

Our vision for SJUP

To be the most widely used online marketplace for experiences in Africa. An affordable marketplace for travellers and guides to connect.

SJUP aims to:

  • Help create sustainable jobs
  • Give travellers exposure to uniquely South African rural experiences
  • Promote tourism while retaining the authenticity of the area and its people
  • Enable hobby enthusiasts to get creative and earn an extra income
  • Grow the profile of tourism opportunities in rural communities
  • Give travellers a chance to impact local communities and create treasured memories
  • Develop more affordable tourism choices for travellers
  • Boost responsible, sustainable tourism in South Africa